Seat Golf Cabrio

Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken

Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken

Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken   Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken

123-tires n ° 1 European tire sales on the internet !! price per unit for immediate purchase: wheels aluminum winter 4x vw golf vi cabrio 1k 205/55 r16 91h falken.

4x winter tire falken eurowinter hs449 205/55 r16 91h 4x aluminum rim 6.5x16.0 and46. Please note that delivery is free. The new benchmark for winter tires. Excellent adhesion in all conditions!

Good multipurpose winter tires must comply with a growing list of requirements. The sector is booming, due to the laws imposing winter tires in some European countries, but also the widespread demand for good handling in all weather conditions, including rain and high speed driving. These requirements represent a particular challenge for engineers in the development of new tread structures and innovative compounds. Eurowinter has a compound with a high proportion of silica that significantly improves handling and braking on snow and ice. Speed ​​Index: h: max 210 km / h.

Date of production: current production. Size (in inches): 6.5x 16.0. Offset (in mm): and 46. Number of Holes / Inches (in mm): 5/112. The complete wheels, a choice of quality, because the tires are already mounted and balanced on the rims.

The offer includes 4x tires on aluminum rim, includes the mounting kit (see special conditions). Before ordering, pay attention to the fact that it is not possible to change aluminum rims with steel rims only if you have access from the producer.

It is essential to respect the original dimensions. If you want to change the tire size, consult the producer of your vehicle before. Labeling ue tires / efficiency classes. 1222/2009, the European Union has introduced tire labeling, which is mandatory and identical for all EU member states.

This is valid for automotive tires, for light and heavy commercial vehicles manufactured after 01.07.2012. Tires are classified in tire labeling according to three performance characteristics: fuel efficiency (letters a to g), wet soil adhesion (letters a to g) and external noise emission (decibels).

Labeling is not valid for the following types of tires: retreaded tires, off-road professional tires, road tires, tires provided with integrated devices to achieve better traction, such as spike tires, spare tires type t, special tires for fitting on vehicles, registered before 1 October 1990, tires with a maximum permissible speed of 80 km / h, tires with rims having a nominal diameter of less than or equal to 254 mm or greater, or Well, equal to 635 mm. Through this ordinance, the aim is to promote, on the one hand, economic and ecological efficiency in road traffic, as well as to increase safety in the street and, on the other hand, to offer the consumer more transparency about the product, by serving at the same time time as an active partner in decision-making. Experts criticize the fact that the EU tire label reflects insufficient product information. Tires have several very important product characteristics and safety editors, such as slippage, rolling stability, service life, wet and dry road braking characteristics, winter weather behavior and so on. The manufacturers draw attention to the fact that the results of the tests carried out by various institutions and specialist journals still remain an important means of information for the final consumer.

These generally check not only the three characteristics of the products, listed on the EU tire label, but also other 11 characteristics of the product, noticeable from the point of view of safety. About us: we are the European leader in selling tires on the internet - n ° 1 !!!

Trust us, more than 10 years of experience and already millions of satisfied customers. Does the wheel work on the car?

Attention - before adding to the cart the product make sure that you have respected the coordinates corresponding to the registration of your vehicle. Thank you for using our bank details (and not those debay). On delivery: for 90% of orders, we deliver within 3 days after receipt of payment.

We are committed to delivering in less than 6 days. Unfortunately, in case of high demand or shortage, we will contact you to keep you informed.

Comment: Please confirm the details of your invoice and delivery address before sending your order. Moreover, according to the law, the invoice, once discerned to the customer, can not be changed.

Note that in case of unavailability of the ordered product, we can deliver tires with load index or higher speed (for the same price). Other questions: we would be happy to answer you. Or call us: +33/975182583 (Mon-Fri 7h - 22h). Terms of sale: here is the link to our general conditions of sale.

The item "winter aluminum wheels 4x vw golf vi cabrio 1k 205/55 r16 91h falken" is for sale since Wednesday, March 8, 2017. It is in the category "cars, motorcycle parts, accessories \ auto \ tires, rims \ wheels complete ". The seller is "123-pneus" and is located in hannover, germania. This item can be shipped to the following country: France.

  1. speed index: h: max 210 km / h
  2. type of metal: aluminum
  3. Rim width: 6.5d
  4. offset (and): 46
  5. number of holes: 5
  6. diameter of nuts: 112
  7. article number: ila78cksgfmixbuggi4fta
  8. kit id: serie
  9. tire tip: winter
  10. tire width: 205
  11. aspect ratio: 55
  12. diameter: 16
  13. load index: 91
  14. brand: falken
  15. mpn: 301001

Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken   Wheels Alu Winter 4x Vw Golf VI Convertible 1k 205/55 R16 91h Falken