Seat Golf Cabrio

Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8

Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8

Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8    Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8

Luk 621133109 clutch kit vw golf i ii iii cabriolet 1.8. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Belt / timing belt kits. Oil / fuel / air filter.

Clutch kit kit vw golf i ii iii cabriolet convertible 1.8 clutch luk 621133109. Click to enlarge the image. Luk 621133109 clutch clutch kit kit vw golf 3 vento 1.8 abs adf 90ps 66kw, we offer here a new clutch kit of luk.

Parts in the kit: pressure plate kupplungsscheibeausrücktellertechnische data: diameter: 210mmzähnezahl: 24 suitable for: restrictions important details at the artikelmarkemodellplattformtypbaujahrmotorab fgst. Zr002745seatcordoba6k2 / c 2 1.8 i1993 / 02-1999 / 061781 cc, 66 kw, 90 ccsp fgst. Zr002745seatibiza ii6k 1 1.8 i1993 / 03-1999 / 081781 ccm, 66 kw, 90 ccsp fgst.

Zd241121seattoledo i1l 1.8 i1991 / 05-1996 / 121781 cc, 65 kw, 88 ccsp fgst. Zr000001seattoledo i1l 1.8 i1993 / 11-1996 / 121781 ccm, 66 kw, 90 ccsp fgst. P # 000001vwgolf jai cabriolet155 1.8 1989 / 08-1993 / 031781 cc, 72 kw, 98 ccsp word. 288907vwgolf iii1h 1 1.8 1991 / 11-1997 / 081781 cc, 55 kw, 75 psmotorcode abs of word. 488101 or engine code adzvwgolf iii1h 1 1.8 1991 / 11-1997 / 081781 ccm, 66 kw, 90 hp vwgolf iii cabriolet1e7 1.8 1993 / 07-1998 / 051781 cc, 55 kw, 75 hp vwgolf iii.

288907vwvento1h 2 1.8 1991/1998 / 11-091781 ccm, 55 kw, 75 psmotorcode abs of word. 411564 or engine code adzvwvento1h 2 1.8 1991 / 11-1998 / 091781 cc, 66 kw, 90 hp part number luk: 621133109 vergleichsnr sachs. 1l0198006051198141x itself if your vehicle is in this list, it does not have to necessarily that the part icie really proposed his vehicle fits. You can also in the same series vary the parts installed by the manufacturer of the vehicle. If you are not sure if this spare parts part to your passt ...

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The item "luk 621133109 em clutch kit vw golf i ii iii cabriolet 1.8" is on sale since Monday, April 30, 2018. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle parts, accessories \ auto \ parts \ systems of transmission \ complete clutch kits ". The seller is "flex-autoteile" and is located in / in burghammer. This item can be shipped to the following country: 3000082005

  • reference oem: 4005108258526
  • type of product: clutch kit
  • manufacturer: luk
  • brand: - without brand / generic -

  • Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8    Luk 621133109 Kit Clutch Vw Golf I II III Cabriolet 1,8